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General Motors Class Action Alleges Engine Oil Guzzling Defect

General Motors was hit with a certified class action lawsuit earlier this year. The lawsuit was originally dismissed in 2017 before the plaintiffs amended their complaint, which now alleges that the Gen IV Vortec 5300 engines, used in 2010-2014 vehicles, have defects that cause excessive oil consumption and damage the entire engine. Safety Concerns and more

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6 Steps to Preparing Your Lemon Law Claim

The excitement of buying a car can quickly turn sour when you find out that you may have purchased a lemon. These vehicles are not just a costly inconvenience but can affect your vehicle’s use, value, and safety. Not every troublesome car is a lemon, but if you believe that you even possibly have more

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How Do I Determine If My Vehicle Is a Lemon?

Taking your car in for multiple repairs can be incredibly frustrating. Something that the mechanic says was fixed is now broken again, and it seems that you just paid a high price to get it fixed the first time. If this is the case for you, you may have a lemon on your hands. Under more

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Is a Lemon Law Buyback the Right Move For Me?

The excitement of buying a car can easily be overturned by the stress of finding out that the vehicle meets the criteria of a lemon. The good news is that California Lemon Law protects you, the consumer, by allowing you to take legal action against the manufacturer. If the vehicle manufacturer is not able to repair more

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Consider Buying a Used Car with a Warranty

Imagine you buy a used car at your local dealership. After a long afternoon of signing paperwork, you drive off with your latest purchase. Only a few weeks later, the engine fails and leaves you stranded on the 405. You go back to the shop, but they claim no responsibility. If you had considered more

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A Lesser-Known Cause of Car Accidents

When it comes to car accidents, one of the most common causes is none other than driver negligence and there’s no way around it. Even though they’re called “accidents,” in reality the vast majority of auto accidents are preventable. As far as driver negligence is concerned, driver behaviors are what cause most car accidents, such more

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Manufacturer Defect vs. Owner Negligence

One minute, your car is running better than ever; the next, you’re sitting on the shoulder waiting for roadside assistance. When you finally get your vehicle in the shop, you find out that a vital part of the engine is malfunctioning (again). At this point, you feel like a manufacturer defect is messing with your car, more

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What Are The Risks of Buying a Car With an Open Recall?

Buying a used car is like treasure hunting, sometimes you find the deal, and other times you walk away empty-handed. If you’ve ever browsed used vehicles, you know there are plenty of potential pitfalls when searching for the right one. Today, Norman Taylor & Associates will discuss one pitfall in particular: open recalls. What Is an more

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Certified Pre-Owned Checklist

Certified pre-owned cars are pre-owned vehicles that have gone through testing to earn a certification from the manufacturer or other certifying authority. When buying pre-owned vehicles, many consumers look for certified pre-owned cars because it’s better than taking a stab in the dark at other pre-owned lots. Unfortunately, a certified pre-owned vehicle isn’t a more

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How Lemon Laws Came About

If you’re driving a defective vehicle that won’t respond to repairs, you may be thinking about filing a lemon law claim, as you should. When you invest so much money in a new or used vehicle covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer should deliver what it promised no questions asked, but it’s rarely that simple. You may more

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