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How to Avoid Buying a Lemon: 7 Used Car Tips

Purchasing a used car can be an exciting venture, but it can also become a nightmare if you end up with a lemon. A lemon car is one that comes with undisclosed defects, issues, or damage, leaving you with expensive repair bills and an undrivable vehicle. To protect yourself and your wallet, follow these more

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What Is a Secret Warranty?

When you buy a car, you expect it to be reliable and free from defects. But what if it’s a lemon? You have legal protection, but it can be complicated. Our experienced California lemon lawyer explains what secret warranties are, how to find them, and how to use them here.   What Is a more

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5 Most Common Transmission Problems in Lemon Cars

Are you tired of dealing with frustrating vehicle problems that seem to never go away? If you’ve experienced transmission issues with your car, you’re not alone. Our experienced California lemon lawyer breaks down the five most common transmission problems that can occur in lemon cars here.   Common Transmission Problems   Leaking Transmission Fluids more

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Most Unreliable Cars of 2023

When buying a new car, reliability is essential. To help you choose wisely, we’ve gathered data from reputable sources like Consumer Reports, RepairPal, CarEdge, and J.D. Power to list the least reliable cars in 2023. Our goal is to offer an unbiased overview of these vehicles, so you can make an informed decision and more

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Does California Lemon Law Apply to Motorcycles?

Are you a motorcycle owner in California? Have you experienced issues with a defective bike? Don’t worry — you have rights! California’s lemon law extends its protection to motorcycles, just like it does for cars and other motor vehicles. This means if you purchased or leased a bike with a significant defect, you may more

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How Often Should I Check for Recalls on My Vehicle?

As a responsible vehicle owner, it’s crucial to stay informed about any potential recalls that may affect the safety and performance of your vehicle. But how often should you check for recalls? Our lead California lemon law lawyer, Norman Taylor, explains how vehicle recalls work and when to check for them here.   When more

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What Is a Lemon Law Buyback?

If you’ve ever purchased a new or used car, you know the excitement of getting behind the wheel of your new ride. Unfortunately, that feeling can quickly turn to frustration when your vehicle turns out to be a lemon – a car with significant defects impairing its use, value, or safety. But did you more

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How Lemon Laws Came About: A Comprehensive History

When consumers purchase a new or used vehicle, they expect it to be free from defects and operate as promised. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Some unscrupulous vehicle manufacturers took advantage of consumers in the past, leaving them with faulty cars and no recourse. This led to the creation of lemon laws, more

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6 Steps for Preparing Your Lemon Law Claim

Discovering that you may have purchased a lemon can quickly turn the excitement of buying a vehicle sour. Lemon cars, which have unfixable and recurring problems, can be a costly inconvenience and affect the value and safety of your car. While not every troublesome car is a lemon — if you believe you have more

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What Are the Most Common Hyundai Dual-Clutch Transmission Problems?

Hyundai is a brand known for producing cars with advanced technology. One of their most innovative features is the dual-clutch transmission (DCT), which, as the name suggests, uses two clutches to shift gears. Unlike traditional automatic transmissions, DCTs allow users to pre-select gears, providing smoother and faster shifts. However, in recent years, Hyundai has more

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