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If you find yourself facing the inconvenience and potential danger of a vehicle recall, it’s crucial to understand your rights and options. At Norman Taylor & Associates, our experienced car recall lawyers have been dedicated to helping consumers in California since 1987. Our lemon law services include support for vehicle recalls, warranty breaches, and Certified Pre-owned lemons.

Learn more about the differences between a recall and an outright lemon below!


How Are Recalls Different From Lemons?

While recalls and lemons both involve vehicle defects, they differ in their nature and handling. Recalls are primarily concerned with safety issues identified by the NHTSA. Lemons pertain to vehicles that undergo multiple repair attempts without successful resolution.


Why Are Cars Recalled?

Cars are recalled when manufacturers discover design or manufacturing process flaws that can compromise safety or performance. Since 1966, nearly 390 million vehicles have been recalled for various reasons, ranging from faulty Takata airbags to transmission problems and potential engine fires.

Recalls aren’t restricted to specific car manufacturers or models. Even luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have had their share of recalls. In the event of one, the manufacturer is obligated to fix the defect at no cost to the customer.


What Happens Once a Recall Is Issued?

When safety defects are discovered, manufacturers must notify all registered owners of the affected vehicles in writing. This letter typically includes information on the nature of the defect, the risk involved, potential warning signs, and how to get the defect fixed.

Recalls are initiated either based on NHTSA investigations or consumer complaints. Some common recalls include:

  • Gas pedal issues
  • Transmission
  • Engine fire potential 
  • Unsafe acceleration surges
  • Electronic push-start system failures

It’s important to note that a recall doesn’t mean a vehicle is automatically a lemon


What Is a Lemon Car?

A car is a lemon when it has a substantial defect that impairs its use, value, or safety and hasn’t been successfully repaired by the manufacturer or its authorized dealers within a reasonable number of attempts. It’s important to give the manufacturer opportunities to fix the defect before asserting your rights under the California lemon law.


California Car Recall FAQ


If My Car Was Recalled, Does That Mean I Can’t File a Lemon Law Claim?

Not necessarily! Although a recall involves fixing defects at no cost, the repairs offered during a recall might not always solve the problem. If the issue persists despite the recall repairs, or if there are unrelated defects, you may still be eligible to file a lemon law claim.


Can You Sue for a Vehicle Recall?

While a recall itself doesn’t provide grounds for a lawsuit, if the manufacturer fails to address the safety defect and causes injury or damages, you could have a valid claim against them.

Consult an experienced car recall lawyer to evaluate your case and determine the appropriate legal action.


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