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Differences Between Recalls & Lemons

At Norman Taylor & Associates, California Lemon Law Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping our clients resolve the legal issues they face after the purchase or lease of a lemon. Our firm is passionate about helping individuals whose vehicles have been recalled. Our California lemon law services include support for vehicle recalls, warranty breaches, and Certified Pre-owned lemons. 

Learn more about the differences between a recall and an outright lemon. 

Why Are Cars Recalled? 

Defects in design can often result in the recall of a specific make and model of a vehicle. 

Since 1966, nearly 300 million vehicles have been recalled due to safety defects.From the Takata airbag recall to Ford’s buyback program and notorious transmission problems, the list of cars and their common problems goes on and on. 

Regardless of how luxurious a car might be, no manufacturer is immune from recalls. From Ford to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, most car manufacturers have issued recalls for various reasons. In fact, the DMV urges consumers to check their car’s VIN number for any potential recalls to make sure their car is safe. 

If your vehicle has been recalled due to a safety issue, our California lemon law attorneys can help assess whether or not your auto qualifies for a buyback instead of a repair which auto recalls typically offer.

What Happens Once a Recall is Issued? 

Manufacturers must notify all registered purchasers and lessees of the affected vehicle in writing if a safety defect has been determined. 

The letter must also inform the vehicle owners of the actions they can take to remedy the situation. Names of the vehicle owners are obtained from the state’s motor vehicle offices. Recalls are initiated by the manufacturers based either on the influence of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigations or vehicle owners’ complaints.

Some common recalls include:

  • Gas pedal issues
  • Transmission 
  • Engine fire potential
  • Unsafe acceleration surges
  • Electronic push-start system failures

Auto Recalls vs. Lemons

Recalls issued by automobile manufacturers are different from lemons. 

Not all lemons are recalled, and not all recalls make a car a lemon. A vehicle can have a part recalled without it qualifying as a lemon.

So, What’s Considered a Lemon? 

Vehicles are only considered “lemons” when the consumer has given the manufacturer, through its dealers, a reasonable opportunity to repair a substantial defect.  

How Does a Recall Differ from a Lemon?  

Recalls are announced by our government for safety issues in vehicles that have been identified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as needing repair in a certain make or model vehicles.

Lemons, on the other hand, are vehicles where the consumer has given a manufacturer a reasonable chance to repair a substantial problem during the course of their ownership. It is possible a consumer may have given a manufacturer through its dealers a reasonable number of chances to repair a defect, that is now subject to a recall. In that case, the vehicle may qualify as a lemon.  

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Protection Under California’s Lemon Law

Do not allow car dealers or manufacturers to place you in an unsafe position. 

Automobile recalls often mean that there is an error that must be fixed as soon as possible. Serious injuries can be caused by these defects if they are not taken care of.   

Your safety and investment are important to our firm. For that reason, we can work with you and offer guidance on the best way to proceed.

Find out more about how we can help you resolve your situation and ensure that your consumer rights are protected.

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