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Which Car Manufacturers Have the Most Recalls?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  August 13, 2023
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Every year, millions of vehicles are recalled for various issues, ranging from minor defects to serious safety concerns. Recalls are essential to ensuring the safety and well-being of drivers and passengers on the road.

Here are the top ten car manufacturers with the highest recall rates in 2022.


What Is a Vehicle Recall?

Vehicle recalls are issued when a manufacturer finds a safety defect in their cars that could cause an accident, injury, or even death. The law says that carmakers must fix anything that could make the car unsafe. This includes telling the owners, doing free repairs, and sometimes telling people not to drive their vehicles until they’re fixed.

Recalls aren’t just for new cars — manufacturers have to fix safety problems for up to 15 years after the vehicle was sold.


Why Recalls Are Important

Recall notices are sent to vehicle owners, but not everyone responds. It’s crucial to take recalls seriously and bring your car in for repair as soon as possible. Ignoring a recall could put you and others at risk.


What Car Manufacturer Had the Highest Recall Rates in 2022?

ManufacturerNumber of RecallsNumber of Vehicles RecalledSafety Concerns
Ford Motor Company678,636,265Engine oil leaks, fractured driveshafts, fuel injector leaks, gear shifting, and park functionality issues.
Volkswagen Group461,078,443Faulty wiring harnesses that could cause unexpected braking, fuel leaks, and problems with daytime running lights.
Stellantis383,041,431Transmission fluid leaks leading to engine fires, tailgate latch failures, and issues with anti-lock brake computers.
Mercedes-Benz341,093,689Moisture accumulation and corrosion in brake booster housing units, potential fire risks due to electrical shorts, and windshield wiper failures.
General Motors323,371,302Windshield wiper failures, malfunctioning power door windows, and problems with daytime running lights.
Kia241,458,962Faulty airbags that may not deploy in a crash and potential engine fires due to trailer hitch wiring issues.
Hyundai221,452,101Risk of fire due to brake computer malfunctions and problems with anti-lock computers.
Tesla203,769,581Software glitches affecting taillights and power door windows that could squeeze too hard while closing.
BMW191,000,455Electrical shorts leading to engine compartment fires and other defects in models like the 3 Series, 5 Series, 1 Series, X5, X3, and Z4.
Nissan151,568,385Faulty fuel pumps, brake fluid leaks, and problems with airbag sensors.

It’s worth mentioning that having a lot of recalls doesn’t mean a car brand is bad. Today’s cars are complex and have high safety standards. Recalls help ensure that any concerns are addressed properly. So, it’s essential to stay informed and make smart decisions for your safety, your passenger’s safety, and the safety of others on the road.


How Often Should I Check for Recalls on My Vehicle?

You should check for recalls at least twice a year or whenever there are major news updates regarding recalls in the automotive industry. It’s also important to check for recalls when you purchase a used vehicle. The previous owner may not have addressed any outstanding issues.

To check for recalls on your vehicle, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) or the manufacturer’s official website. You’ll typically need your vehicle identification number (VIN) to check for recalls specific to your vehicle.


Does a Recall Mean My Car Is a Lemon?

A recall doesn’t always mean your car is a lemon.

Lemon laws vary by state and typically focus on persistent issues that substantially impair a vehicle’s use, value, or safety. Recalls, on the other hand, address specific safety defects that may affect a particular batch of cars. While recalls can be an inconvenience, they’re usually promptly addressed by automakers to ensure the safety of their customers.

If you suspect your vehicle might be a lemon due to recurring unresolved problems, it’s wise to talk to a lemon law attorney. They can guide you on your rights and assist with any claims or conflicts you might have with the car manufacturer.


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