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Lemon Law Basics

Protecting Consumers from Automotive Manufacturers Since 1987

California Lemon Law Basics

Understanding the Protections Designed to Safeguard Your Consumer Rights

Guidance from Our California Lemon Law Attorneys

California’s lemon laws are designed to protect consumers when they’ve unknowingly purchased or leased a lemon

You have rights to drive a safe vehicle, free from defects that could cause dangerous accidents. 

Here at Norman Taylor & Associates, California Lemon Law Attorneys, we’ve been protecting consumers for over 36 years. We put together some information about the basics of lemon law, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us

What is a Lemon? 

A lemon is a new or used Certified Pre-Owned vehicle that does not meet the promises made by the warranty. This includes any vehicle that came with a guarantee stating it would be free from defects for a given time period and remains defective after multiple repair attempts.

California State Lemon Law

Californias Lemon Law requires a manufacturer to replace the defective product or provide a refund to the consumer after a reasonable number of opportunities to repair has been given by the consumer.   

You should be aware of your rights under California’s lemon laws and take necessary action if they have been ignored. We can help you determine if your car is a lemon.

If you think you might have a lemon, call us to discuss your situation: (818) 244-3905. We offer FREE consultations to help you decide what your next steps should be.

Holding the Liable Party Responsible

In most circumstances, the manufacturer of the lemon vehicle has the ultimate responsibility to replace the defective part, replace your vehicle, or refund the purchase price of the vehicle. 

The owner of a lemon has the right to have their vehicle repurchased, and the manufacturer has the responsibility to initiate an appropriate offer to the consumer after a number of unsuccessful repair opportunities have been made by the dealership.

If the manufacturer of your vehicle does not offer a replacement or refund, then you may have the right to take legal action

With guidance from our California lemon law lawyers, you can maximize your chance to win a lemon law case in a court of law. 

In such cases, the manufacturer may be required to:

  • Pay the consumer’s damages
  • Provide a replacement or refund
  • Pay a “civil penalty” in addition to the consumer’s damages
  • Pay for the consumer’s attorney’s fees and costs of the case

Know Your CA Lemon Law Rights

If you think you have a lemon, we encourage you to find out what you may be entitled to in the way of recovery against the dealer/manufacturer that sold you the vehicle. When you speak with our firm you will receive guidance under the direction of our California lemon law attorneys.

Contact our firm at your earliest convenience to find out whether your vehicle can be classified as a lemon under the California lemon law.

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