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Is my Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Covered Under Lemon Law?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  February 1, 2019

There are certain risks that come with buying a used car. You don’t always get the assurance that the car is reliable, especially if you don’t know the vehicle’s history. It may be hard to find out exactly how the previous owner used it or if it was maintained properly — and even if you’re provided with this information, there’s a good chance it’s not 100% accurate. It is for this reason that buying a certified pre-owned vehicle could be a much better choice when it comes to lemon law.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

When a vehicle is certified pre-owned, it should typically have fewer than 80,000 miles on it and should be seven years old or less. Certified pre-owned vehicles have a valid manufacturer’s warranty and before being offered in the market, they go through a series of thorough inspections.

What Are the Rules and Requirements for Dealers?

Dealers are required to disclose material facts about the car’s history. They must always be ready to give this information even if you don’t ask. Should a dealer fail to disclose essential facts about the car’s status and damage — a warning sign you could be buying a lemon — they could be charged with fraud. Some examples of the information that should be disclosed are:

  • The car was a former rental vehicle
  • Repair history
  • History of accidents

If you’ve experienced problems or have noticed defects with your certified pre-owned vehicle you may be protected under lemon law if the issues at hand are covered under its warranty.

How is a “Certified” Warranty Different from an Extended Warranty?

Certified pre-owned vehicles must meet specific requirements as per the manufacturer’s standards and there are several differences from an extended warranty. These may include:

  • Price – and extended warranty is an additional cost whereas a certified warranty is included in the price of the vehicle.
  • Coverage – many certified pre-owned vehicles have some bumper to bumper provision. Extended warranties usually only cover parts.

The following may be considered when inspecting a vehicle to be labeled certified pre-owned:

  • The car does not have frame damage
  • The car has not undergone damage caused by flood, collision, or fire
  • The vehicle was not bought back under federal or state warranty law
  • The odometer of the vehicle must clearly show its actual mileage
  • All mechanicals and systems are in proper working order

How Certified Warranties Work Under Lemon Law

Certified pre-owned cars are offered on the market with written warranties. These warranties offer consumer protection under lemon law — which requires manufacturers to fix any issues that are stipulated under warranty. Should they fail, new owners are entitled to compensation.

If you’ve recently bought a certified pre-owned vehicle and have been experiencing repeated issues despite repair attempts made by the manufacturer, you could be entitled to a replacement or refund. California lemon law can be complex especially when trying to resolve the issue on our own. Contact Norman Taylor & Associates at 818-244-3905 today for a free case evaluation.

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