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What Are The Risks of Buying a Car With an Open Recall?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  April 13, 2020

Buying a used car is like treasure hunting, sometimes you find the deal, and other times you walk away empty-handed. If you’ve ever browsed used vehicles, you know there are plenty of potential pitfalls when searching for the right one. Today, Norman Taylor & Associates will discuss one pitfall in particular: open recalls.

What Is an Open Recall?

An open recall is a formal statement made by manufacturers telling car owners that their vehicles have issues that need repair. Open recalls typically apply to particular car makes and models, which makes it difficult for manufactures to track down every car owner.

Therefore, some used cars have open recall issues that never get checked or fixed.

Most open recalls stem from:

  • Seat belt issues;
  • Power issues;
  • Airbag issues;
  • Brake issues.

Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not have the authority nor the bandwidth to force used car dealers to make recall repairs or disclose open recalls to potential buyers.

Therefore, if you are worried that your “new” car may have an open recall, it’s wise to search for recall issues online. Additionally, you can take your vehicle to its parent dealership, where they can check it for you.

Did Your Pre-Owned Car Stop Working?

If your pre-owned car stopped working, you might be entitled to compensation thanks to California’s lemon law. Owners of pre-owned vehicles that continuously break down can recover, but many dealerships initially deny lemon law claims.

That’s why anyone dealing with a lemon should contact Norman Taylor & Associates about their situation! Our firm can look into the facts of your case to determine if filing a lemon law claim is worth your time.

Is your pre-owned car a lemon? Call (888) 449-7639 now for a free consultation for your case.

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