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The Importance of Preserving Your Car Maintenance Records

You’ve probably been taught the importance of keeping certain records, such as receipts, identification, pay stubs, medical bills, and financial statements. But there’s one type of document that many people fail to realize the importance of preserving: car maintenance logs. The value of these logs should never be underestimated. In fact, keeping track of more

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5 New Cars to Avoid This Year

Today, most cars are produced and sold to maximize safety and comfort for vehicle occupants. Nearly all car manufacturers try to hit those buzzwords you’re looking for to showcase their vehicle’s superiority over the competition: high-performance, luxurious, innovative, eco-friendly, and affordable. But that doesn’t mean that all cars are created equal in terms of more

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FTC & the Auto Marketplace

You’ve probably heard about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) before – a government agency that’s dedicated to protecting the American consumer. The FTC addresses mortgage, credit repair, and debt collection scams to name a few. But, did you know that it also acts as a watchdog in the auto marketplace? According to the FTC, “Buying or more

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NHTSA Safety Recalls for Defective Automobiles

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the agency “issues vehicle safety standards and requires manufacturers to recall vehicles and equipments that have safety-related defects.” The NHTSA says that reporting the problem is the first step in the process. If you are driving a defective or otherwise unsafe vehicle, the NHTSA wants more

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Staying Connected with Norman Taylor & Associates

When it comes to lemon law, the attorneys at Norman Taylor & Associates wrote the book. Literally. Attorney Norman Taylor has had his hand in two separate publications regarding lemon law. He co-authored Lemon Law: A Manual for Consumers in 1991 and then wrote Lemon Law: The Standard Reference Guide in 2005. His work in and out of the courtroom more

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Consumer Reports Sheds Light on Oil Consumption

Is it acceptable for a car owner to have to “top off” their vehicle with up to a quart of extra oil every month in between recommended oil changes? As Consumer Reports examines in their recent piece “Excessive oil consumption isn’t normal,” that question is becoming contentious between some consumers and their automakers. In a survey more

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Cars Now Being Sold Without Spare Tires

You’re driving down the road when suddenly, you feel that one of your tires has gone flat. While at first panicked, you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your car came with a spare tire. Unfortunately for some car buyers, this situation might play out a little differently. Recent reports have announced that many, more

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Consumer Reports Reveals Problems with Common Cars

Consumer Reports, a company that seeks to inform consumers to make the best possible decision when buying goods, has recently released a review of the 2014 automobiles. The big three companies based out of Detroit – General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler – have scored in the bottom for small-car production. Detroit Automakers Fail to more

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The Extended Warranty

Here is a typical (unfortunately), bit of information offered by a potential CA Lemon Law client calling Norman Taylor & Associates to get help with his defective motor vehicle. When we asked about the date of the first repair attempt the date he gave was after the original warranty had expired: We told him more

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Lemon Law and Customer Relations

Part of the lemon car experience is the number of people you get the chance to meet. If you are like most people, as your repair record gets longer and longer and you become increasingly frustrated with the inability of service technicians to fix your car you will want to talk to people higher more

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