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Is the GM Bankruptcy Looming Ahead?

Will General Motors File Bankruptcy? What will happen to the millions of consumers with GM warranties? Will they have recourse under the lemon law? It all may come down to whether or not GM files for Chapter 11. Americans are waiting with baited breath to see if General Motors will file for Chapter 11 more

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Chrysler Bankruptcy and Chrysler Warranties

The “lemon law community” is still waiting to see just how the Chrysler bankruptcy is going to affect lemon law claims. There are consumers who have a legitimate lemon law claim who haven’t filed yet. There are those who have filed lemon law claims and are mid-cycle, and finally, those who resolved their lemon more

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It’s All Your Fault – Lessons in the Lemon Law

I’m sorry Mr. Service Writer person; that dog won’t hunt. Even people who don’t understand how cars work aren’t going to buy it when the service writer says they have misused Mercedes, BMW and an assortment of other manufacturer’s wonderful machines, and that’s why the check engine light is on, the transmission won’t shift more

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Lemon Files: The Top 10 Defects

The sample data for this study was taken from approximately 100 of our most recent Lemon Law case files. Many of these cases had multiple defects. The data is very recent (last few weeks) Vehicles Sampled by Make Mercedes 23 GMC 17 Nissan 12 Chrysler 9 Toyota 8 Ford 6 BMW 4 Land Rover more

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Motor Home Quality: Why is it so poor?

I was talking with a motor home client the other day. He said, “if you are going to purchase a motor home, you better be handy at fixing things.” This bothered me for a couple reasons. My first thought was, if I spend two or three hundred thousand dollars for anything, I do not more

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Lemon Law Lessons- Vehicle Abuse

You’ve heard the expression, “you can’t have it both ways.” This concept certainly applies in the lemon law. Here’s how. When your car, truck, motor home or boat has repeated defects that the dealership cannot fix, the vehicle may qualify for the lemon law. However, if you cause the defects through misuse or use more

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