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Repair Orders & Lemon Law Cases

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Don’t Let Your Auto Dealership Give You the Runaround!

When you take your car in to the dealership for repairs, they are required by law to write up a repair order (RO) that outlines exactly what was wrong with your vehicle and what they did to fix it. 

Taking your car into the dealership regularly for the same problem can be a sign that your vehicle is a lemon—something dealerships are aware of.

Why Would a Dealership Not Provide a Repair Order?

Sometimes, dealerships will purposely avoid writing repair orders because they know that the client has been in the shop repeatedly for the same problem and that their case is a lemon law candidate. 

In other instances, they will alter the record by recording what looks like a different defect when it is actually the same complaint the client had all along. 

The Bureau of Automotive Repair: Your Repair Order Resource

These types of actions are unlawful according to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, which has provided dealerships—and also consumers—with a handbook that gives instructions on how to properly write up an RO.

As a consumer, it is important that you are aware of the tricks that dealerships and service writers may try to get away with in order to avoid a lemon law claim

What Should I Do if I Don’t Get a Repair Order? 

You’re legally entitled to a repair order any time your vehicle is serviced at a car dealership. Here’s what to do if you didn’t receive one. 

Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney

If you have been denied repair orders, we recommend that you speak with a California lemon law attorney from Norman Taylor & Associates, California Lemon Law Attorneys to discuss whether or not you have grounds for a lemon law claim.

Document Your Repair 

Even though the dealership didn’t provide you with a repair order, it’s still important for you to create your own documentation. We put together a few sample letters for denial of repair orders you can use to keep track of everything. 

Speak with a Lemon Law Attorney in California

Norman Taylor & Associates has the focused knowledge and experience that you need when facing such a specialized legal situation. 

Lemon law is very complex, but our legal team understands it in detail and can help you through your case step by step.

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