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Why You Should Always Buy a New or Used Car With a Warranty

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  October 7, 2021

There are several things you may consider when purchasing a vehicle, whether it’s a new or used one: overall look, gas mileage, repair costs, vehicle history, car insurance costs, internal features, your budget, and whether the vehicle fits your specific needs. One aspect that you should never overlook, however, is the importance of purchasing a car with an active warranty.

What Is a Car Warranty?

A car warranty is a document that acts as an acknowledgment by the manufacturer that the vehicle may not be perfect or may come with certain defects or problems. It is also a legal promise that, if your vehicle does have a defect or something goes wrong with it, the manufacturer will repair it within a specified time frame. Each warranty is different, and it could range anywhere from one month to 10 years. Always review yours prior to purchasing the car.

How Do I Know My Car Comes With One?

When you purchase a car, especially if it’s used, you will probably want to know if it comes with the original manufacturer’s warranty. Even if you bought a new car, keeping track of the warranty terms and expiration dates can be challenging.

To check whether your car has a warranty or whether the warranty is still active, start by checking your vehicle’s manual. If you can’t find it there, you should find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the mileage on the car and call your dealership. You can also run a Carfax report for up-to-date information on your car’s warranty.

Is a Warranty For a Used Car Necessary?

If you purchase a new car straight from the dealership and you are the first owner, it will almost always come with an active manufacturer warranty. However, this may not always be the case when you purchase a used vehicle. Always check that a car has an active warranty before you solidify your purchase. If you buy a used car with an expired warranty, you may ultimately be stuck with a defective vehicle and all the out-of-pocket costs of repairs.

Protecting Your Consumer Rights

You may still be protected by lemon laws even if you purchased the vehicle “as-is” or if the warranty already expired. For instance, if the dealership attempted to fix the problem you are experiencing before the warranty expired and before you purchased the vehicle, lemon law protections may still apply.

When in doubt, always contact a skilled lemon law attorney who can review your case for free and determine what your legal options are. At Norman Taylor & Associates, we have been protecting the rights of consumers since 1987 and are ready to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

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