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What If My Manufacturer Won’t Refund or Replace my Vehicle?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  September 18, 2020

As a vehicle owner, you should understand the legal rights you have and the responsibilities of your vehicle’s manufacturer. In California, lemon law protects you from being sold and stuck with a vehicle that has a defective part.

If you have the original warranty, the vehicle manufacturer must attempt to repair the vehicle a “reasonable” number of times; if the defect is unable to be repaired, then they must issue you a refund or replacement.

Unfortunately, some people may feel stuck with a defective vehicle after their manufacturer refuses to provide them with a refund or replacement vehicle. If this is the case for you, it’s important to remember that powerful car companies oftentimes have legal defense teams of their own that will challenge your lemon law claim.

In our experience, this happens far too often when vehicle owners attempt to take on their lemon claim by themselves. Without a seasoned lemon law attorney on your side, the manufacturer may try to claim that abuse of the vehicle or negligence on your part caused the defect you are claiming. In other words, they will try to deny any responsibility for the defect.

Before speaking with the manufacturer, it’s critical that you retain the assistance of a local lemon law attorney who can assist you from the start with your claim and ensure your lemon law case is built on solid evidence.

Protecting You and Your Passengers

At Norman Taylor & Associates, we understand that timeliness is crucial when it comes to securing a safe vehicle. The car company that sold you a defective vehicle does not get an indefinite amount of time to replace or refund your vehicle, and our legal team will work on your behalf from start to finish in order to ensure your legal rights as a consumer are protected.

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