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Is Tesla Quality Control Going to Lead to More Lemons?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  September 18, 2019

Although Tesla is still ranking as one of the most innovative tech car companies in the U.S, consumer reports continue to give its high tech vehicles luke-warm reviews. Consumers also have many complaints when it comes to the delivery of Tesla’s vehicle quality. Here’s what every consumer needs to know about Tesla and how its quality control practices may have their vehicles heading into “Lemon Land.”

Top Complaints about Tesla Vehicles From Consumers

According to a recent article published by, there are twenty obvious problems with Tesla vehicles that consumers continue to have issues with. Here’s a sample of some of the problems and vehicle defects that were reported:

  • Autopilot issues
  • Cosmetic issues with the panel gap
  • Battery fire hazards
  • Touchscreen software issues
  • Issues with shutting down while driving
  • Faulty door lock and window systems
  • Faulty seatbacks in Model X cars
  • Persistent squeaks, rattles and other noises
  • Steering and suspension problems with Model S

If your Tesla vehicle has been to the mechanic repeatedly due to any of the above problems, you may have a lemon on your hands. Contact an experienced lemon law attorney to learn your rights.

Why Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends Tesla

Consumer reports, one of the most dependable sources for car performance reporting, has ceased to recommend Tesla vehicles due to reliability issues — in particular, the Tesla Model 3.

In a February 2019, article published by CR, they state, “Consumer Reports can no longer recommend the newest Tesla—the Model 3 electric sedan—because members say they’ve identified a number of problems with their cars, including issues with its body hardware, as well as paint and trim.” The article also details the following problems:

  • Screen freezing
  • Glass defects
  • Suspension issues
  • Below average lifespan

When to Enlist the Help of a Lemon Law Attorney

When buying or leasing a new vehicle, you expect it to be reliable and without problems. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Even the most advanced tech cars, like Tesla, can have manufacturing defects which can put consumers at risk for injuries and financial losses. If you have had a reasonable number of repair attempts on your defective vehicle, and the problem persists, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund under California’s lemon law.

Having an experienced lemon law attorney assist you with your case can make all the difference. Contact Norman Taylor & Associates today at (818) 244-3905 to request a free consultation to learn how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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