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If You’re Driving a Lemon, Get Your Own

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  February 27, 2009

When software company COO Don Simons heads out on the track with his Radical formula-one type racecar, the last thing he’s worried about is if he’s driving a lemon. Such vehicles are the most pampered in the world—and Simons’ skill combined with the precision power of his car has roared him around for a first-place finish more than once. Most recently he and his car broke the track record at NASCAR-rated Cal Speedway.

If Simons runs into mechanical trouble out on the track, he can pull in for a pitstop where a trained group of experts will be all over the car and have it back on the track in under a minute. A typical consumer, however, driving to work, to school and home, doesn’t have such luxury, and if that consumer was unfortunate enough to have purchased a lemon, he or she could be stuck with the problem indefinitely.

Norman Taylor and Associates is a proud sponsor of the Radical Racing Team, of which Don Simons is a part. The firm also stands behind consumers, however, when they find themselves as the owners of defective vehicles. “Manufacturers and dealers will do their utmost to delay or even prevent a consumer from getting a defective vehicle replaced or refunded,” Taylor said. “Instead of going through endless heartache and expense, it’s best to hire a qualified lemon law attorney right away.”

Taylor has assisted more than his share of consumers in gaining what is rightfully theirs under the law. A lemon law specialist since 1987, he and his firms, Norman Taylor and Associates et al., have handled over 8,000 cases for consumers with a 98 percent success rate.

If you think you might be driving a lemon, don’t spend endless months or even years trying to resolve it with a dealer or manufacturer. Get guidance and assistance from a qualified lemon law attorney. Like Don Simons’ pit crew, they can have you safely back on the road once again.

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