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How To Tell Whether Your New Motorhome Is a Lemon

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  October 18, 2021

Purchasing a motorhome is often the start of exciting new adventures for you and your family. However, nothing can put a damper on your next road trip like a recurring problem that impacts your safety or the functionality of your motorhome. If you are ever in this situation, please know that you may have legal grounds to file a lemon law claim for a refund or replacement vehicle.

Our team can review your case for free and determine whether lemon laws apply to your specific situation. Additionally, we discuss common types of motorhome defects to look out for below and how to avoid buying one in the first place.

Common Types of Motorhome Defects

You expect that the motorhome or other recreational vehicle (RV) that you purchase will operate as it should. Unfortunately, even new motorhomes that are bought straight from the manufacturer can come with defects. Whether you purchase a new or used vehicle, some of the most common types of motorhome defects that you should be aware of include problems with the:

  • Engine
  • Electrical system
  • Major components like slide-outs or levelers
  • Water or plumbing system
  • Appliances
  • Climate control
  • Other furnishings

Avoid RV Lemons and What To Do If You Have One

While it’s never fun dealing with a defective motorhome, the good news is that you may be protected by lemon laws if you have a warranty and you attempted to have the problem repaired several times to no avail. By filing a claim, you should be entitled to either a refund for your motorhome or a replacement vehicle at no cost to you.

There are also ways that you can ensure you are protected from a defective motorhome from the get-go. Before making the purchase official, always:

  • Have the motorhome professionally inspected
  • Check for water damage
  • Check the condition of the tires
  • Test the plumbing
  • Test the internal systems, including the kitchen appliances and climate control
  • Check the condition of the roof
  • Take it for a test drive

Lastly, always be sure that you buy your motorhome with a warranty, as this is necessary to protect your consumer rights under California lemon laws.

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