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Ford Trucks with Diesel Engines

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  July 29, 2010

Seven years of examining repair and service orders for lemon trucks has not made me cynical…yet. It has come close a few times. This is particularly true of Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350 models, those with the diesel engine in particular. This is not an exact statistic, but when it comes to engine defects, a safe bet would be 10 to 1 diesel engine to gas.

Norman Taylor & Associates does not do divorce law, however, Mr. Taylor and his experienced staff may be able to help you get separated from your defective F-150, F-250, or F-350 trucks.

The typical defects aren’t minor. These aren’t the sort of thing where you take the truck in at two in the afternoon and drive away at four and everything is sorted out.

Hundreds of Ford truck owners have come to Norman Taylor & Associates over the past years. Practically without exception these are hard working men and women who are extraordinarily loyal to the brand. Having to take thier trucks, their livelihoods, back and forth eight, nine or ten times, and losing the use of the vehicle for weeks at a time, is not the way to reward their loyalty.

The following is a real repair history of an F-250 diesel. Eight attempts were made to repair assorted engine defects. Four repair attempts would have been enough to get a California Lemon Law case underway.

-The engine has a rough idle at stops. The dealer asserts it is normal.

-When stopping at speeds over 40mph the car shakes. Verified concern.

-When the car is warm there is a loud knock noise from the enigne; at idle or when it is in gear. The engine rumbled and it won’t turn over. There was low compression on #2 and #5 cylinders.

-There is a lot of engine noise when you first start the car. Found the camshaft has low spots.

-There is knocking noise in the engine.

-The car has a high idle and feels like it is feeling rough. The oil level is low and that could affect the way the car runs.

-There is a possible misfire. It has a misfire when going up hill.

-The #2 cylinder has a broken spark plug. Car was a quart low. The #2 and #5 cylinders show erratic power balance readings.

Did this sound familiar to you? Norman Taylor & Associates have handled hundreds of Ford truck lemon law cases and unfortunately there will be more. Your loyalty is admirable but your patience must have limits.

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