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Are Tech Cars More Prone to Recurring Issues?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  August 6, 2019

We’ve come a long way when it comes to safety car features. From airbags to antilock breaks, more features can help drivers avoid accidents. However, with the competition for manufacturers to build the bigger, better car with new technology, can this pose a reliability risk? While the answer may not be black and white, here’s what consumers need to know.

Top Tech Complaints with Cars

Computers and electronics are bound to have glitches. An article published by the NY Times reports that technology problems are one of the top complaints by consumers. Some of the most common complaints with car technologies were glitches with:

  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane departure warning systems

Even if your car is equipped with these safety features, it’s critical not to solely rely on these systems and drive defensively with your own visual checks to confirm that it’s safe to make moves on the road.

The Dangers of Tech Problems in Cars

Driver-assist technologies are designed to give consumers safety and reliability. New technology features are hot selling points for car dealers. However, it doesn’t mean that your car won’t have its share of defects like any other car part.

It’s critical to understand that your vehicle’s tech system can have a glitch just as much as your smartphone or computer. The real question is, “Will drivers be comfortable with giving up driving control to their vehicle?” According to an Esurance survey, distracted driving isn’t coming from just texting and talking on the phone. Some of the driving distractions included tech systems and warning sounds such as beeps, and blinking lights that are meant to alert drivers of impending danger.

Warranties for Tech Problems

When you purchase or lease a vehicle, it’s critical to understand what comes with the warranty. Typically, tech issues are covered; however, carefully reviewing the particulars of the vehicle warranty can help you stay protected. The manufacturer has an obligation to repair all defects that are covered under the warranty.

When You Need a Lemon Law Attorney

Unfortunately, when consumers who buy or lease a new vehicle, they often have a false sense of security about the safety and reliability of their new cars. Even the most advanced tech cars can be manufactured with significant defects that can place the consumer at risk of injury and financial losses. If a reasonable number of repair attempts have been made, the consumer may be entitled to a replacement or refund under California’s lemon law.

If you’ve had tech problems with your vehicle and after a reasonable number of attempts to repair, the issue has not been resolved, contact Norman Taylor & Associates today at (818) 244-3905 to request a free consultation.

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