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5 New Cars to Avoid This Year

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  February 2, 2021

Today, most cars are produced and sold to maximize safety and comfort for vehicle occupants. Nearly all car manufacturers try to hit those buzzwords you’re looking for to showcase their vehicle’s superiority over the competition: high-performance, luxurious, innovative, eco-friendly, and affordable.

But that doesn’t mean that all cars are created equal in terms of performance and long-term reliability. Whether you’re looking at buying a new or used car, it’s important to understand which models may have specific design flaws that you will want to pass on.

We’ll let the consumers speak for themselves. Forbes recently published this article on 37 New Cars to Avoid, and we’re highlighting 5 of those vehicles below: 

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Inspired by iconic racing cars like offered by Lamborghini and Ferrari, the Giulia has high sporty performance but low reliability ratings from Consumer Reports, which finds that there is only a 13% chance that the vehicle won’t require any repairs over a three-year period.

Models produced over the last three years were also subject to several recalls by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), including for issues with:

  • Hydraulic brake systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Rear brake disc fractures

Chrysler 200

While many had high hopes for this mid-size sedan, it fell short of the competition in many areas. Though it only ran in production from 2011-2017, the Chrysler 200 received hundreds of complaints ranging from transmission issues to total engine failures. The 2015 model vehicle alone received an astounding 448 consumer complaints! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this one altogether.

Chevrolet Suburban

For large families of those who regularly tow boats or trailers, this vehicle is hard to beat for those with such particular needs. However, Consumer Reports does find the vehicle to be underpowered, hard to maneuver and park, and difficult to load. Additionally, other complaints have to do with a variety of brake problems that can make it difficult to stop for red lights or avoid collisions.

If you’re looking for a hefty vehicle, you may want to consider a GMC Yukon or a Ford Expedition, instead.

Infiniti Q50

Originally rolled out in 2014, the Infiniti Q50 had plenty of tech features for the time and a luxurious style that made it a popular choice of vehicle. However, this car has turned out to be a disappointment for some owners due to ongoing problems, premature wear, and expensive repairs for brakes, master cylinders, and tires.

Consumer Reports also criticized the vehicle’s power-train, controls, and fuel economy.

Jeep Cherokee

While the Jeep Cherokee has been an American favorite since its initial release, not all of them proved satisfactory. The Cherokee had engine problems for two years back-to-back in 2014 and 2015. In fact, these years had the most consumer complaints of all models, with 659 and 643 complaints, respectively. The most troublesome complaints include stalling engines and dying transmission systems.

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