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What Do I Need to Know When Buying an Electric Vehicle?

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  February 17, 2020

Alternative-fuel vehicles are nothing new. Consider the Toyota Prius, which was one of the first electric crossover cars to gain popularity and is still beloved decades later.

Though more recently, we have seen the auto industry make even greater steps towards more sustainable initiatives. From reliable companies like Toyota and the technologically advanced Tesla to luxury brands like Porsche, electric fleets are becoming increasingly accessible to the public.

Going from gas cars to electric vehicles can feel like jumping into the unknown, which is why it stops many from making the switch. Whether you’re doing initial research or about to sign the dotted line, consider the elements below before buying an electric vehicle.

Look at The Car’s Operating Range

Many electric vehicles can run for more than 200 miles on a single charge, which is double what it was a few years ago. Still, you’ll want to make sure that it is sufficient enough for your daily commute and extra activities. Track how many miles you drive in a day, and overestimate the number to acknowledge things like the heater and air conditioning use.

Become Familiar With Your Local Charging Infrastructure

It may seem like public charging stations are available everywhere, but the truth of the matter is that gas stations far outmatch them. Also, it can be inconvenient and pricey to charge anywhere other than your home, and while you can plug your vehicle into a standard 110-volt wall outlet, it can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. Of course, there are ways to speed up the charging process by having an electrician install a higher voltage outlet.

Electric vehicles make the most sense for city dwellers and homeowners with a garage, but it might not work for other kinds of lifestyles.

Find Out What Incentives Are Available

The operating costs of electric vehicles are substantially lower, but they can be more expensive to purchase than their conventional counterparts. Luckily, the federal and many state governments offer tax credits and incentives that can help with the up-front cost.

When investing in a new vehicle, you expect it to be reliable and problem-free, but that isn’t always the case, even in the most advanced cars. Call Norman Taylor & Associates today at (888) 449-7639 to have an experienced lemon law attorney help you with your case.

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