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Understanding the California Lemon Law

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  June 8, 2013

Every state in the US has consumer protection laws. The Lemon Law, often thought to be only for vehicles, in fact applies to any goods bought for personal use. California has one off the best Lemon Laws

When you purchase a car in California – whether new or used – you have the right to expect it to be reliable. If you find that the vehicle has a defect that can’t be repaired then it might be a lemon.

The law applies to automobiles that are purchased for personal family or household purposes, but can also apply to a business vehicle as long as 5 or less vehicles are registered to the consumer. In the case of other goods, such as RVs or motorcycles, boats, etc., the lemon law applies where the goods were purchased primarily for personal family or household purposes.

It does not apply to

• Vehicles not registered because they are driven off road
• Vehicles that have been abused

Norman Taylor has been a consumer advocate in California for more than twenty five years and has dealt with thousands of these cases.

“The first step is to read your warranty very carefully and note what it covers,” advises Taylor. “Take the car back to the dealer and let them know about the problem. Keep copies of all service receipts or repair orders. Take notes of any conversation you have with the dealer or manufacturer about the problem or defect, whether it is in person or on the phone. Keep track of all attempts to repair the defect, with dates and actions taken. If you send a letter to the manufacturer, keep a copy and send it by certified mail.”

“If you get no satisfaction it’s time to move to the next level – go to an experienced lemon law attorney,” adds Taylor. ” I would never recommend going to ‘arbitration’ programs offered by manufacturers. A majority of the time they do not follow the law, or award the remedy the consumer should actually receive. Similarly, I have never known the Department of Consumer Affairs of the state to be of much assistance to consumers in this area. Delay is on the side of the manufacturer that sold you the lemon. They will use the above systems to delay and to wear you down.”

About Norman Taylor & Associates
Norman Taylor & Associates has been assisting consumers since 1987. Our goal is to provide individuals who have the misfortune of purchasing a defective vehicle or goods, and who have recourse under the Lemon Law, with the highest quality legal representation. With a twenty-three year history of successful cases, Norman Taylor & Associates has established its reputation as a firm of consumer advocates that gets the job done. We represent California residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Norman Taylor studied engineering at Arizona State University as an undergraduate. He attended Glendale School of Law, graduated and passed the Bar in 1986. Aside from advocating consumer rights he volunteers for international human rights efforts and sponsors drug education speakers in the public school system.

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