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Tesla Fights Back Against First Lemon Law Suit

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  April 18, 2014

Tesla is fighting back against a recently filed lemon law suit in Wisconsin, the first lemon law suit filed against the company in America. The case, which has garnered national attention for claims regarding Tesla’s customer sales agreements, generated even more controversy after Tesla denied many of the allegations made in the lawsuit.

Lemon law statutes are designed to protect customers who purchase vehicles that need to continually be brought in for the same repair. Customers who file lawsuits under a state’s lemon law can be compensated through purchase reimbursement or vehicle replacement. In this case, one Tesla owner is alleging that his car has had numerous problems.

The lawsuit alleges a number of vehicle issues, including some that required it to be towed a considerable distance to Chicago to be repaired. In total, the car had been in the shop for 66 days during the first five months for issues involving the battery, wiring, starter, and door handles. The car in question is a $94,770 Model S.

Tesla’s Response

Although Tesla initially declined to comment on the case when first filed, officials have recently stepped forward to dispute the allegations. Tesla is denying the key accusations made in the lawsuit and is suggesting that the car’s owner may have tampered with the vehicle. Tesla also denied allegations about restrictive sales agreements, including an alleged settlement confidentiality agreement and a clause that would require dissatisfied owners to pursue legal action in Northern California.

The Rights of Consumers

Although the case has garnered a great deal of attention – largely because of a comedic YouTube video made by the plaintiff’s attorney – it serves to highlight the fact that vehicle owners who purchase lemons do have rights. At Norman Taylor & Associates, our California lemon law attorneys have handled more than 10,000 lemon law cases and represent consumers throughout the state.

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