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Honda CBR 1000 Oil Consumption Class Action

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  June 16, 2011

In May 2010 a class action lawsuit was filed against American Honda Motor Company, Inc. in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. It was filed on behalf of owners and former owners of 2008 and 2009 Honda CBR 1000 RR motorcycles. It is alleged in the law suit that the piston rings in these motorcycles are defective resulting in the engines burning excessive amounts of oil. This is the situation, the problem.

At Norman Taylor & Associates we take numerous motor cycle lemon law cases, including the CBR 1000 RR model. Class action lawsuits are hardly a new thing, but remember, it usually takes a large number of angry people to move forward with a Class Action. Also these people must provide evidence to the class action law firm that is totally convincing before they will proceed with such a suit.

When Honda responds to complaints of excessive oil consumption by asserting that “all motorcycles use more oil during the break-in period, or when an owner reports that their vehicle is using 1, 2 even three quarts of oil per 1,000 miles, and they say dismissively, this is not a problem, it’s time for somebody to take action.

When surveying the numerous blogs on the CBR 1000 RR oil consumption problem, many of the respondents noted how close they came to running out of oil entirely. For the record there are only three quarts of oil in the sump. It isn’t difficult to imagine the vehicle running out of oil, the engine seizing and depositing chunks of the bike and rider all over the freeway. For Honda through its agents the dealerships to casually assert that three quarts of oil consumption in a 1,000 miles is okay is worse than negligent.

For the reader’s information, if you are part of a class action law suit involving your motorcycle, this does not necessarily prevent you from taking advantage of the lemon law. You can always give us a call here at Norman Taylor & Associates if you have questions about motorcycle lemon law.

Honda’s most pervasive slogan is “The Power of Dreams.” As is often the case, there is a peculiar disconnect between what is stated in the various advertising media and the ability of the product to deliver what was promised.

We have written elsewhere on this site extensively about oil consumption. But as a reminder, here’s a viewpoint that is not mentioned on Honda’s self congratulatory media. All of this oil consumption about which they have no problem, and which is being blown into our atmosphere as pollution is hardly consistent with their written assertions. The title of one of their principal corporate web sites is, “Environmental Leadership.” Praising their vehicles for consuming and spattering the country side with 1, 2 even 3 quarts of oil every 1,000 miles hardly seems like environmental leadership, an even worse, when an owner objects, grinding that user into legal submission shows no level of responsibility at all.

This thought applies to all manufacturers of car and motorcycles who make similar oil consumption assertions: a little less arrogance and a little more responsibility, please.

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