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Consider Buying a Used Car with a Warranty

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  May 4, 2020

Imagine you buy a used car at your local dealership. After a long afternoon of signing paperwork, you drive off with your latest purchase. Only a few weeks later, the engine fails and leaves you stranded on the 405.

You go back to the shop, but they claim no responsibility. If you had considered buying a used car with a warranty, you’d be in a very different situation.

Used Car Warranties in California

California does not require a warranty for used car sales. Most used cars sold in California will not have a warranty unless they are certified pre-owned vehicles or are purchased directly through the dealership.

Used car warranties generally fall into two categories:

· Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: This is a form of coverage where your insurance company agrees to pay for repairs caused by defective parts or vehicle age, but not routine maintenance or damage caused by accidents.

· Extended Warranty: Extended warranty is an umbrella term for a range of vehicle coverage for a certain distance or amount of time. This type of coverage is usually done through the dealership. They may be comprehensive, covering any repair, or they may cover particular parts.

Benefits of a Used Car Warranty

No matter which you choose, it’s always a good idea to have a warranty on your used car. There’s no telling when the alternator or any other part might fail. For that reason, it’s usually better to go with the warranty that offers full coverage. That will ensure you’re still protected if multiple parts fail within a few months.

Buying a used car is always risky, but getting a warranty, especially one covered by your insurance, can prevent you from getting stuck with a lemon.

If your used car turned out to be a lemon, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced California lemon law lawyer from Norman Taylor & Associates to evaluate your case, please fill out our online contact form or call (888) 449-7639.

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