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Car of the Month – Corvette Z06 Cooling Defects Puts General Motors in Hot Water

  Norman Taylor & Associates
  November 26, 2019

Corvette Z06 Class Action Lawsuit

General Motors has owners of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 feeling hot under the collar over cooling problems. Over 30,000 Corvette Z06 track cars have been affected by a faulty cooling system — and this is their fourth lawsuit surrounding this issue. If you are the owner of a Corvette Z06 model years 2015 – 2017, you may be eligible for compensation through this class action lawsuit. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

What is the Problem With the Corvette Z06?

Corvette Z06 cars were sold as track cars and were advertised as a high-speed sports car. However, Chevrolet did not disclose to buyers about the lack of differential and transmission coolers, which are otherwise needed when it comes to motorsports. Without additional coolers, operating temperatures can be affected. Owners of the Corvette Z06 have complained that this has caused their cars to overheat and enter limp mode when in use — even when the vehicle is not in track use. Owners have reported the following results of this vehicle defect:

  • Overheating at highway speeds on public roads
  • After only 15 minutes of track driving, overheating occurs
  • Damage to engine, warping parts under high temperatures

What is Limp Mode?

Limp mode is a safety feature that is designed to guard the engine against damage from extremely hot temperatures. Thus, once a vehicle goes into limp mode, the engine runs at a very low RPM and will virtually stop moving.

What Consumers Need to Do

According to consumers, Chevy’s promise to deliver the Z06 as a track car has failed. Owners complain that they were not warned that Corvette Z06 cars would quickly overheat when driving at high speeds or when tracked. You have the right to be compensated for unresolvable vehicle defects under California lemon law. If you own a Corvette Z06 and are having problems with overheating and limp mode, contact lemon lawyer, Norman Taylor & Associates to learn if you are eligible for compensation under lemon law rather than participating in this class action lawsuit. It is possible that our experienced Lemon Law lawyers can represent you as an individual and your recovery could be better.

Your Rights Under Lemon Law

Mr. Taylorwrote the book on Lemon Law. To find out if you qualify for a buyback or significant cash on your defective Corvette Z06, contact Norman Taylor & Associates today at (888) 449-7639 for your free case evaluation.

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